80 Salesman's Sample Ball Fruit Jars in Custom Display Case

Thanks to Marilyn Miller for sharing this auction with us at Muncie (Jan. 2012). It really got us going, taking bets on what the hammer price would be, and discussing auction psychology. John Raver was lowest @ $80, and Phil Smith came closest with a $1500 guess. The majority of us figured in the $400-500 range.

Best guess is this was a custom-made display case, as the story goes that when the seller acquired the jars, they were filled with seeds (?). So -- could have been used for a seed salesman, or a science class/4H project display, or ______? The seller had to remove the wood slats that keep the little jars in place to empty and clean all 80 jars. 

Our man-on-the-spot John Bartley was there at the auction (which was in West Liberty, Ohio), and reports that the case sold to "family", hence the $3,000 price. Did the family member have a piece of the pie? Who knows. But at least it is unlikely that these 80 jars will hit the open market. That said, I'd suggest selling yours now just in case.
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