Bottle Digger Hepburn Interview Featured on Worthpoint

Listen to Martin Willis's podcast interview with bottle digger Bram Hepburn.

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Martin Willis is director of decorative arts for James D. Julia Auctioneers for the Boston region. 
  • About Martin Willis Podcast Series
"Our Mission: Bringing you a weekly or semi-weekly 30-50 minute audio podcast interview focusing on the full range of collecting antiques, art, decorative art as well as auctions and the history of it all. We will be talking with Auctioneers, Antique Dealers, Appraisers, Artists, Experts & Specialists, Historians, Curators, Avid Collectors, Show Promoters and more. We hope to provide information touching on all segments of the industry."
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Listen to another audio piece about Bram Hepburn here on Public Radio Exchange.
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