Mason's 1858 Fruit Jars Star in Market Warriors TV Show Philly Episode

Market Warriors stars received their shopping allowance in 1/2 gallon 1858 Mason jars.

The new PBS show Market Warriors opened last night's Antiquing in Philadelphia episode with a small bit about fruit jars, due to an important Philly connection.

(If the embedded video isn't working, you can watch the entire episode video here on the PBS-MW site.)

Will the Real Mr. Mason Please Stand Up?:

John L. Mason was a tinsmith in Philadelphia, and he patented the screw top fruit jar and lid. Hence the jars embossed with "Mason's Patent Nov 30th 1858".

According to Collectors Weekly's intro to their fruit jar section:
"... Crowleytown’s Atlantic Glass Works in Crowleytown, New Jersey, is often credited with producing the first Mason jars, which were embossed with the words “Mason’s Patent Nov. 30th. 1858.” But only a year later, Mason sold that patent and others to The Sheet Metal Screw Company, which was run by Lewis. R. Boyd. Boyd added a milk-glass cover for the zinc lid in order to stop food from contacting the metal. Boyd and Mason later partnered at the Consolidated Fruit Jar Company, which produced countless jars between 1859 and 1910. ..."

Tom Caniff discusses the 1858 jars in this article he wrote for the Antique Trader -- Fruit Jars Preserve the Past

Read more about the original Mr. Mason:

Then there's OUR Mr. Mason!

Don "Mr. Mason" Burkett with Jeff Klingler

Read about the fruit jar collecting hobbie's very own "Mr. Mason", Don Burkett, who only collects jars embossed with the word MASON:


Market Warriors Caught in the Act -- of Antiquing!

Marianne Dow photographed the Market Warriors show crew taping at the May 2012 Springfield Extravaganza Antique Show. See more of Marianne's Market Warrior cast photos.


Muncie Fruit Jar Show auctioneers - L-R: Greg Spurgeon, Dave Rittenhouse, Phil Smith

And here's a list of 1858 jars that have sold over the last few years on Greg Spurgeon's fruit jar auction website, North American Glass -- be prepared to drool...

ImageAll ItemsPriceBidsEnds
$17,825.9915  Closed
$11,550.0044  Closed
$11,000.0029  Closed
$10,350.0034  Closed
$10,250.0022  Closed
$9,650.0029  Closed
$9,285.0023  Closed
$8,430.0024  Closed
$7,600.0031  Closed
$5,155.0042  Closed
$3,780.0015  Closed
$3,600.0019  Closed
$3,426.5632  Closed
$3,400.0019  Closed
$3,400.0038  Closed
$3,375.0037  Closed
$3,001.0032  Closed
$2,989.0038  Closed
$2,850.0027  Closed
$2,725.0030  Closed
$2,600.0022  Closed
$2,450.0019  Closed
$2,302.0017  Closed
$2,175.0016  Closed
$2,100.0015  Closed
$2,010.0020  Closed
$1,957.0030  Closed
$1,900.0025  Closed
$1,860.0015  Closed
$1,850.0028  Closed
$1,850.0011  Closed
$1,830.0017  Closed
$1,826.5624  Closed
$1,750.0018  Closed
$1,724.8918  Closed
$1,650.0011  Closed
$1,638.0024  Closed
$1,625.0017  Closed
$1,562.0018  Closed
$1,550.0014  Closed
$1,500.009  Closed
$1,486.5619  Closed
$1,450.0023  Closed
$1,420.009  Closed
$1,406.5818  Closed
$1,350.0023  Closed
$1,350.0011  Closed
$1,350.0017  Closed
$1,335.0017  Closed
$1,305.0014  Closed
$1,300.0017  Closed
$1,300.0014  Closed
$1,250.0015  Closed
$1,225.9920  Closed
$1,200.0014  Closed
$1,195.0023  Closed
$1,188.0015  Closed
$1,159.0014  Closed
$1,130.0025  Closed
$1,100.0018  Closed
$1,100.0013  Closed
$1,100.0014  Closed
$1,075.0019  Closed
$1,065.0011  Closed
$1,051.003  Closed
$1,050.0019  Closed
$1,050.0014  Closed
$1,050.0018  Closed
$1,025.0015  Closed
$1,006.5610  Closed
$1,001.006  Closed

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