2012 FOHBC Expo Reno Bottle Show Reports

antique bottle display
Swirls, Whirls, Twist and Twirls display by Dyane Anthony.

Love those swirly bottles!

The above photo is from Mike Polak's review of the recent FOHBC Expo, published by the Antique Trader.

The Reno Show was a big success:

"...As the clock ticked down to the 1 p.m. grand opening on July 27, 2012, excitement ran high for the much anticipated three-day bottle extravaganza known as EXPO 2012 in Reno, Nev., at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. A crowd of 600 dealers from the United States, Australia and England, along with 160 “early bird” attendees could barely wait for the show to start ...."

Release the hounds! 

Ferdinand Meyer has shared lots of photos on his Peachridge Glass website:

Over on the FOHBC's website you can see pix from the pre-show cocktail party and the Bottle Shoot Outs. There will be more photos in their magazine -- you do subscribe, don't you?


Head to the Western Bitters News website for their take on the Reno expo:

This shot gives a little idea of what the showroom looked like.
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