Aloha! Video of Bottle Digging in Hawaii with Mike Polak and Brent & Blake Cousins

Mike Polak, bottle collecting expert, columnist, and author of the Antique Trader Bottles Price Guide, recently went to Hawaii to dig for bottles. Watch this fun video that shows Mike digging with Brent and Blake Cousins.

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Last fall Mike became a regular columnist for the Antique Trader. Here's my post about that great bottle hobby news.

And in August I had posted links to Mike's articles about bottle digging in Hawaii that he had published in the Antique Trader. Here's that post:

Aloha! Collecting Bottles from Hawaii.

antique bottles
Assortment of various bottles found in one day’s dig; the bottles are circa 1880s-1910 with a total approximate value of $1,700-$2,500.

Aloha! Check out Mike Polak's article about collecting bottles from Hawaii, in the Antique Trader.

"...44 bottling companies, with 25 of them located on Oahu. Besides the manufacturing of soda, products also included whiskey, gin, beer, medicines and milk. ..."
Hawaii bottle hunting brothers
Hawaiian bottle digger Blake Cousins holds up a full embossed “Konishi & Co.” bottle with misspelled ‘Apothecary Doshumashioj worth about $75. If it was spelled correctly to bottle would be worth $200.

And there's a 2nd article by Mike Polak, too -- Blake & Brent Cousins: Hawaii’s antique bottle hunting brothersabout bottle digging in Hawaii.

"...Their persistence paid off when a small rust layer was uncovered, which then exploded into the mother lode of a major bottle pit, producing extremely rare collectibles such as a Honolulu Hollister & Co. squat blob variant and intact Japanese medicines. It took over a week of digging with preventative measures to insure the safety of the crew before the bottle pit was tapped out. “This was a very exciting time,” Blake says. “The adrenalin rush of locating a spot, not knowing what was coming out next, untouched for over 130 years, was like being in a candy store! Over 100 collectible bottles were excavated, not bad for a week’s worth of work!” ..."

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