Antique Bottle Collecting ~ Potpourri for March 2013

Just a cool vintage photo of lots of fruit jars.

Here's this month's potpourri of miscellaneous interesting goodies:

  • Watch video of Martha Stewart chatting with bitters bottles expert and collector Carlyn Ring -- link. (Screen shots below)
  • See photos of Carlyn's Bitters collection on PeachRidge Glass's website.

For you antique marble collectors: American Bottle Auctions article about Antique Glass Marbles, with lots of candy colored pix.

To read: Ferdinand Meyer's wonderful journal-style 2013 Baltimore Bottle Show report.

Ball is making new blue jars. But we know they can never make that famous vintage 'Ball Blue' anymore, since the Hoosier Slide is long gone (read what happened).

Here's a screen shot from Pinterest showing that decorating and crafting with Mason Jars is super hot right now, and fruit jar collectors are thrilled with the world embracing jars. Anything that raises the awareness of fruit jars helps us, and will hopefully cause more old jars to come up out of basements, and new collectors to join our hobby.


Gotta love google, and the hobbyists who publish so much research and info. Nicole posted this bottle on our Facebook page, wanting to know the value, and through the magic of google I quickly found that Mike Polak's Bottle price guide values it at $275.  

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