Featuring Findlay ~ Vintage Findlay Ohio Collectibles ~ April 2014 Edition

Featuring Findlay 
Vintage Findlay Ohio Bottles and Advertising Items 

Here's the latest round up of vintage Findlay Ohio items recently seen at bottle shows, on ebay, or that readers have shared. Send us your photos w/a description, and we'll post your goodies, too.

1912 advertising brochure and scan of a box from the Celery Medical Co., Findlay Ohio. The box says the company was established in 1892.

This notice in the trade journal, NARD NOTES* tells us that Ed Sargent started the company in Bowling Green, Ohio, and sold it to some Findlay business men in 1912. [Source

Ed. O. Sargent was a noted Bowling Green druggist who was the proprietor of the Palace Pharmacy.

*NARD = National Association of Retail Druggists 

Who were the Findlay men who bought Sargent's Celery Medical Co.? No info found. But in 1935 they seem to have had some legal issues with their labeling. This notice doesn't give names, but does add in some other locations, and so, since I'm focusing on Findlay, as they say on Shark Tank, ''for that reason I'm out''.

24075. Misbranding of celery powder. U. S. v. 56 Boxes of Celery Powders. Default decree of condemnation and destruction.FDNJ24075 November 20, 1935 Celery Medical Co. celery powder May 29, 1934 Sandy Lake, Pa. Findlay, Ohio, or Fremont, OhioSandy Lake, Pa. Western District of Pennsylvania 24075 F. & D. no. 33296. Sample no. 2714-B. [Source]

Wondering what Findlay looks like?
(Click the pix to enlarge)

Here's Main Street in 1915, looking North.
And a later view:

This shows a drug store, but I can't quite make out the name, looks like Findlay _____ Drugs. Patterson's Department Store is on the left, with JC Penney's on the right of the drugstore.

Patterson's was founded in 1850.

I didn't find any info on Patterson's online, but someday google will scan this book:

And here's a later view of Main Street looking south:

This colorful view above features GALLAHER DRUGS drugstore. I found many newspaper ads for Gallaher's, but no other history online.

And now an earlier view of South Main Street:

This one shows The National store, E. C. Miller Dentist with a wonderful molar tooth shaped trade sign. There's also a printer with a sign that says BERGMAN, and the Victory Theatre.

I'll bet The National store is covered in the above mentioned book on Retailing in Findlay, but no info found online.

Several generations of the Miller family were dentists, keeping offices on main street for almost 100 yrs, approx. 1866 to 1986, when the last practicing Miller retired (his son broke the chain). The above signed E.C. Miller was the 2nd generation. [Source]

The Victory Theater survived from 1908-28 at 230 S. Main St., bankruptcy forcing the owners out of business. The finale show there was Charlie Chaplin as "The Fireman." [Source]

Yet another view of South Main Street, featuring the Phoenix Hotel, at night:

The Phoenix Hotel existed from the 1830's until 1978. [Source]

Now for something different, how about we actually look at a Findlay bottle? 

Southway Beverages ACL soda pop bottle, bottled by the Findlay Coca-Cola Bottling Co.

Southway was a Coca Cola product, bottled by other Coke bottlers too. 

The Findlay Coca Cola Bottling plant is still in operation.

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