Research Notes on Julius Stephan Pharmacist Medicine Bottle / Clifton Cinci OH

Julius Stephan / Pharmacist / 312 Ludlow - Clifton

SCA embossed medicine bottle, circa 1910s

From our Inbox --
Hi there, I got your email from doing some research on the web. But anyway I live in New Orleans and I’m a young bottle collector* just getting started, well I’ve acquired a bottle from Ohio. Julius Stephan 312 LudLow Ave-Clifton. I’m trying to find someone in Ohio that collects so I was trying to see if you know anything about this bottle. I found one document with record of this but absolutely nothing else. No other bottle like it, so do you have any information about this person or have you heard of him. Any information will be appreciated, Thank You.
*See, young collectors are out there!

Of course I couldn't resist the chance to do some googlin' and see what I could find out about Julius Stephan, Pharmacist.

It's an Ohio town bottle, but I learned that this Clifton is a suburb of Cincinnati, not the town of Clifton near Dayton, and is known for its Ludlow Avenue Shopping and Dining District along Ludlow Avenue, centered on its juncture with Clifton Avenue.

 He was a ''successful'' pharmacist at least by 1896 -- link

Then in 1897 he had money probs --  link -- where he apparently left town without telling his creditors, or paying them -- then he returned, and cleaned up his act -- link

It is not often that drug stores are turned over to the hands of receivers, but Judge Jelke last week appointed Dr. William Stephan receiver for the Julius Stephan drug store, situated at the corner of Hemlock and McMillan streets. Walnut Hills. Cincinnati, on account of the claims of certain creditors. It appears that a chattel mortgage was given by Stephan to the Stein Vogeler Drug Company, but the validity of this transaction was disputed by the John D. Park & Sons Co., which had a judgment for $3​___ against Stephan, and in consequence of troubles and disputes arising, it was deemed prudent to place the business in the hands of a receiver. The strange part of the business is that: Julius Stephan is u​nd​erstood to have l​eft the city, and has forgotten to leave his address behind him. "

His store inventory was sold off to FR Merrill -- link

This shot glass sold on ebay for nothing $$wise cuz the seller did not put the name in the title(!!).

It shows us that Stephan had other Cinci locations before the Clifton store.

It's embossed:  
2112 W. SIXTH ST. 

728 E. McMILLAN ST.  -- link

I did find that Stephan bought the Clifton store in 1909 from Louis Roettig. link
Well, that was fun, but that's all I found. No other bottles, so I'm guessing it's a scarce bottle. I'd keep my eye on ebay. 

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