Vintage Mid Century Machine Age Gem: Werk Brau Findlay O. Ohio Vintage Aluminum Knob ~ Featuring Findlay

Just a cool Findlay, Ohio piece seen on ebay -- an aluminum knob marked Werk-Brau Findlay O.

And here's a vintage Werk Brau watch fob that was on ebay, too.

A quick google search finds that Werk-Brau was started in Findlay in 1947 by blacksmiths Duke Werkheiser and Dutch Brautigan, and is still going strong, family owned for 3 generations, manufacturing specialty products for the heavy equipment industry (Buckets and attachments for excavating).

[Source: Werk Brau website]

Like to watch heavy equipment in action? Here's their commercial video.

[Note: As far as any featured eBay items are concerned, neither myself nor the club are recommending the item, the venue or the seller. These are simply for show-and-tell. Enjoy!]

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