Brunswick Billiard Parlor ~ Vintage Chet Whipple Trade Token ~ Featuring Findlay Ohio

"Featuring Findlay" looks at a trade token that reads:

The token doesn't say what the business is, but research finds that Chester 'Chet' Whipple owned the BRUNSWICK BILLIARDS PARLOR, on Main St. in Findlay, with "Recreation for Gentlemen".

Ads with Chet Whipple's name run from 1922 until 1931. Whipple sold out in 1931.[Source]

"MAKING IMPROVEMENTS  Ralph Esterly and L. H. Scothorn Buy Brunswlck Billiard Parlor --  Extensive Improvements are being made at the Brunswick Billiard Parlor in the Ewlng building and will be opened for business in about ten days.  Ralph Esterly, of Davis street, and L. H. Scothorn, of Elm street, have purchased the recreation parlor and taken a long time lease on the rooms. The entire interior Is being redecorated, some new equipment Is being added and an entire new stock selected. The barbershop will be in operation in the near future in addition to a shining parlor, reading room and card room. It is planned by the owners to receive ticker reports on all baseball games. Reports of all sports will be received throughout the year. The business vas formerly owned and operated by Chester Whipple."

No other info on Mr. Whipple, and no more info or ads for the Brunswick Billiard Parlor. Perhaps the new owners changed the name.
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