2010 Summer Muncie Fruit Jar Show Hotel Get-Together Guest List

The MUNCIE JULY 2010 FRUIT JAR SHOW and GET TOGETHER is almost here -- It's less than ONE WEEK away! Join us on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, July 8-10, 2010 (and Sunday breakfast).

Get all the info here.

Do you have your room reservation yet?

Or if you live within driving distance, come on over anytime -- bring your jars and set up in the meeting room (no charge), where we'll be hanging out all 3 days!

We're throwing a big COCKTAIL PARTY on Friday and Saturday nights -- drinks and food will be served! Beer, wine, sodas, and sandwiches -- Come join us!

We have over 30 confirmed room reservations, and well over 50 confirmed attendees!

Here are some of the names of collectors and dealers who are committed to attending this show:

  • Dick Cole
  • Jeff Klingler and Marianne Dow
  • Jerry McCann
  • Greg and Angela Spurgeon
  • Patty Elwood
  • Dave and Kaye Rittenhouse
  • Patrick Wilhelm
  • Joe Merkel and Tina Chavez
  • Joe Coulson
  • The Jelly Jammers Club Members
  • Tom and Deena Caniff
  • Russ and Heidi Crupe
  • Don Burkett
  • Jon Raver
  • Mike Rutledge
  • Dick Watson
  • Dan Corker
  • Phil Smith
  • Dick Bere
  • Bob Rhineberger
  • Norm and Junne Barnett
  • Bruce and Glenna Schank
  • Jim and Cathy Wagner
  • Jamie Houdeshell
  • Adam and Phylis Koch
  • Bill and Janet Lee
  • Willis and Lynette Blackburn (Terre Haute Bottle Club)
  • Jon Vander Schouw
  • All the Midwest club members who are local
  • There are many more...
  • Your name here -- just email me -- finbotclub@gmail.com

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