2010 Findlay Bottle Show Wrap Up -- Final Pix

I took a ton of photos today, but my wonderful little smart phone is having a meltdown-- all the pix are stuck in Outbox Limbo -- so I guess I will have to work it our tomorrow, and upload the pix into this post then.

The show was great! Beautiful weather, beautiful poeple, beautiful bottles.

More pix soon...

This is early Sunday morning, just past 7am -- you can see everyone gathered in the far back corner. They are there for 2 reasons -- waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, so they can enjoy that fresh cup'o'joe with a yummy do-nut. And they are back there checking out the dealer tables of the club members who couldn't get set up until after the big dinner last night, since we needed their tables for dining.


MONDAY, Oct. 18th

Here's the rest of the pix I took at the show -- candid people pix, with lots of bottles in the background, because the show is really about the people. It's all about visiting with long-time friends, meeting new people who turn into friends, and sharing stories with fellow collectors who share your collecting passion and enjoyment.

Shopping online can be a great way to find some super stuff for your collection, but there's nothing like being there in person, at a show, in a big room with fellow collectors. This is the real "social networking" scene. I know there were several treasures bought and sold by dealers, who brought items for certain people, and many, many items that were sold at "friendly" prices. I'm not telling you this to make you think you missed a deal. I am saying it to encourage everyone reading, especially those who haven't ever been to a bottle show, or maybe it's been a long time, to get out there and go to bottle shows, join a local club, and make friends and enjoy the social aspect of the hobby. Because along the way, you will get some special deals, which are all the more special because you are dealing with friends.

Here are just some of my friends:

Mason Bright in discussion with Tom Caniff

Chuck Ditmar, Ken Bryson, Mike Bauer

Fred Curtis and Bob Davidson (Gordy's in the corner)

John Pastor, with Joe merkel and Tina Chavez

Jack Dixey

Jeff Scharnowske, Don Dzurro, John Apple, 

Ed Kuskie, showing his big JUMBO soda pop bottle.

Joe Coulson and Jeff Klingler

Jeanne and Joe Frey

Mason Bright and Jeff Klingler

Well, the show is over. It was a big success, and I want to thank everyone who attended, dealers and shoppers. And I really want to thank all the Findlay Club members who worked so hard, from setting up the tables, to sweeping up at the end. They handled every little detail in between with great attitudes, and smiling faces.

Dear readers -- Hope to see even more of you at our show next year -- and at lots of other bottle shows!

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