Mansfield Bottle Show Wrap Up

This is the view from my dealer table in the back of the Arts and Crafts building. There were more dealers behind and to the sides, and there was another larger building full of dealers, so you can imagine what a lot of wonderful bottles and advertising goodies there were!

Here's just one colorful array of bottles. Multiply this times several 100! A sight to behold.

I didn't get any other pix. It's hard to manage a sales table, do some shopping, do a LOT of visiting/chatting/gossiping/hugging/joking, as well as try to promote our Findlay Club Show -- "Contracts! Get your red hot Findlay Bottle Show contracts here!", and still find time to take photos.

But if you could see in my mind, you'd see that the show was great. Well attended after a slow start on Friday, with more than enough excitement on Saturday to make it all fabulous. There were so many people to say HI to, and I know I missed connecting with a bunch of  friends -- will just have to catch 'em at the next show.

Bruce Schank and Joe Coulson escorted the lovely Junne Barnett to the show. While we are all still sad about her husband Norm's passing, it was great to see her sweet smiling face, and have her with us again.

Read Bruce's enthusuastic show report here.

Bruce Schank and Junne Barnett
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