Tom Caniff Giving His Talk On Labeled Product Jars

Another interesting talk, with a mesmerized audience.

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Amber Jars With Wonderful Swirls

Here's one of the show-n-tell sessions that made everyone ooh and awe.

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Better Pix Of The HUGE Jar

It's getting late, so here's a couple more pix of the big display jar. Click the pix to enlarge. More posts tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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The Great Reveal

The crowd gathered for the big unveiling of a HUGE fruit jar. This was made for the Philadelphia Exhibition of 1875. A fantabulous jar.

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Looking at Jars

Some of the guys admiring the jars that Jerry used to illustrate his talk.

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The Updated Dick Roller Book Is Out!

Here's Jerry McCann after unveiling his new version of the Dick Roller Standard Fruit Jar Reference book. Adam and Phyllis Koch had a presentation volume bound in blue leather as a gift for Jerry. Phil Smith bought the first copy, and then everyone else scarfed them up at the special show price of $250.

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Muncie Fruit Jar Collectors Event Is Off To A Great Start!

Lots  of fruit jar collectors have arrived at the Signature Inn here in Muncie, IN. Here's part of the crowd listening to Jerry McCann give a talk on really rare early jars, and enduring a lot of good-natured heckling. There are about 2 dozen people here already, with many more on the way. Hope that includes you, dear reader. The room hopping and cocktail party will be going on all day/night today, and Friday and Saturday. Come on over! Open to the public. More posts and pix soon, so stay tuned.

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Minnetrista Museum BALL Fruit Jar Archive Now Online w/Pix #antiques #bottles

The March issue of the Midwest Bottle Club's newsletter is online now. See all the great show and tell pix from their club's March meeting. The theme was "Swirlies", as in jars with swirls of colors. Here's the LINK to open up the pdf file.
Newlsetter editor Joe Coulson writes to tell us:
The Minnetrista Collections Department is excited to announce that a selection of object and archival records are now available online. Currently, there are approximately 4,400 collection records accessible that include postcards, photographs, objects, and over 2,300 book catalog re-cords. Topics include but are not limited to Muncie Pottery, Ball Corporation, Ball family, busi-nesses, clubs and organizations, gardening, collectibles, artwork, museum profession-related top-ics, etc.
View photos of the many interesting items available in the museum's online collection HERE. You'll see all kinds of jars, and ephemera, and more neat stuff.
Here's the link to see just their items which have JAR in the title.

#Antiques #Bottles Mini Posts From Our Facebook Page for July 1 2011

Here's lots of bottle info to read and view over this long holiday weekend:
See some neat #Vintage quack medicine advertising posters w/ #antiques #bottles from Phillie exhibit.

Attention all Fruit Jar Collectors - Don't miss this summer's fun 4-day collectors event with room-hop-shopping and activities at the Signature Inn, 3400 N Chadam Ln Muncie IN (phone for room reservations: 765-284-4200). With the entire show happening at the hotel, we should we call it the SHOW-TEL!...
________________________________ puts #antique #bottles in the news. Pre-pro cache sold at auction for charity.
A Minneapolis bottle collector, Mary Shanesy, found a cache of 90 pre-Prohibition bottles when her house was being remodeled, according to a story in Bottles and Extras magazine (May-June 2011). The bottles were hidden in about 1917, just before the...
#antiques #bottles #vintage Soda pop collectors will enjoy article on Nehi & Royal Crown with pix of advertising and lots of history. Written by Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors (FOHBC) Life-member Cecil Munsey.
Also -- see the Findlay Club blog post w/pix of  Vintage Nehi and Royal Crown Soda Pop PinUp Girls <==link
These #antiques Photos of Findlay Ohio 1932 sold on ebay for only $40 --
American Bottle Auctions shares the history of this rare whiskey flask #antiques #bottles A. Smith / California Wine Depot / circa 1870s - bottle of the month.
Diggers in the news:
1 -- An #antiques #bottles Bottle Collector reminisces about his first dig. Via @AntiqueTrader Antique Trader <==link
2 -- More #Antiques #bottles found by a digger, on @AntiqueTrader blog 
Notice how the Antique Trader is so great about including bottle hobby news? Let's all say a big ''THANKS'' to Editor Eric Bradley and all the good folks at AT!
Rare stick of 1920's era  #vintage Coca Cola chewing gum -- still tasty?
Bottle diggers - Medford Oregon builders excavate #antiques #bottles --
An abandoned well dating back to the 1800s has been unearthed during excavation for Lithia Motors' new headquarters, revealing a trove of artifacts from the old high school on Bartlett Street.
#vintage advertising & soda pop #bottles fountain items strong @ Rich Penn #antiques auction. Report w/prices.
Here's a pic just for the perfume bottle lovers, like the members of the International Perfume Bottle Association - IPBA <==link
Here's an article that was published on, about HJ Heinz, which quotes Findlay author, Dr. Skrabec, who is speaking at our Findlay Bottle Show dealer dinner. <==link
Read more Dr. Skrabec, our guest speaker, and his many bottle industry history books : 

Findlay Bottle Show -- October 16, 2011 DEALER TABLES ARE ALMOST SOLD OUT Our show chairman Fred Curtis announced at our June meeting that we have already sold 50 tables! So folks, that means there are less than 20 tables left! Get your Findlay Bottle Show contracts in NOW. Call Fred for dealer info @ 419-424-0486....
Hayner Whiskey w/paper label - just a neat old photo.

Indy Ad Show Has More Dealers, Better Prices - Antique Shows are BACK! <==link
Lots of bottles and go-withs at this great show.

Larry Munson's Fruit Jar Collection Featured in Red Wing Magazine
Larry Munson's Fruit Jar Collection Featured in Red Wing Magazine Wow, does Larry Munson have one heckuva fruit jar collection or what?! It happens to include several Red Wing stoneware pottery jars, as well as 100s of other neat jars. The Red Wing Collectors Society featured Larry and his collection in their magazine, and have been nice enough to let us share it with our readers too....


Owl Drug Store Plaster Emblem Wall Hanging <==link

Sold For $1,000

Original wall hanging from the main Owl Drug Co. in San Francisco. Perfect condition, all original, complete with glass eyes. Considered the finest known.
American Bottle Auctions turned us on to this glass MARBLES site #antiques #bottles #toys Lots of pix

End note:
World's largest catsup bottle turns 62! Festival July 10th - #antiques #bottles

13th Annual Catsup Bottle Festival - The Best Fest in Collinsville - July 10, 2011
World's Largest Catsup Bottle Summerfest Birthday Party and Classic Car Show in Collinsville, Illinois includes the National Ketchup Festival Test Test and the Little Princess Tomato and Sir Catsup Contest.
Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

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