Minnetrista Museum BALL Fruit Jar Archive Now Online w/Pix #antiques #bottles

The March issue of the Midwest Bottle Club's newsletter is online now. See all the great show and tell pix from their club's March meeting. The theme was "Swirlies", as in jars with swirls of colors. Here's the LINK to open up the pdf file.
Newlsetter editor Joe Coulson writes to tell us:
The Minnetrista Collections Department is excited to announce that a selection of object and archival records are now available online. Currently, there are approximately 4,400 collection records accessible that include postcards, photographs, objects, and over 2,300 book catalog re-cords. Topics include but are not limited to Muncie Pottery, Ball Corporation, Ball family, busi-nesses, clubs and organizations, gardening, collectibles, artwork, museum profession-related top-ics, etc.
View photos of the many interesting items available in the museum's online collection HERE. You'll see all kinds of jars, and ephemera, and more neat stuff.
Here's the link to see just their items which have JAR in the title.
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