2012 January Muncie Fruit Jar Show Photo Album

WOW -- Another JAR~TASTIC event! We had the best weather, and the best jars, and the best group of people! If you weren't there, we missed you!

A huge THANK YOU shout-out goes to The Signature Inn's Manager, Jeff Bryan, who made us feel even more welcomed and catered to than ever before -- he rocks! From the WELCOME banner to plenty of complimentary coffee and sodas in the upstairs jar/hospitality room to donating Signature Inn jars to the auction to a new special heavy-duty cart... well done, Jeff! And thank-you to all of your friendly hard-working staff!


<>Here's a bunch of snapshots I took at the hotel to try to give you an idea of what ROOM HOPPING is like. Most of the shots are over-exposed since we had amazing gorgeous SUNNY weather, and everyone had their curtains wide open to let in that natural light. I was shooting from the hall doorways into the brightly lit rooms to show you how everyone is able to relax and visit and still have room to set up lots of jars for selling, trading, displaying. Room hopping is a unique experience, where you actually have time to get to know your fellow collectors. If the door's open, just walk on in!

I didn't get pix of everyone -- we had approx. 60 rooms, and at least 100 attendees. If I missed you, or forget a name, please forgive me. Click the pix to enlarge.

The ageless Junne Barnett.

Bill Burgess and Bob DuLong

Mike Jordan (here's his ATLAS jars show display - http://www.fruitjar.org/Exhbts112/d6.html)


Sometimes jar go-withs can be very interesting. Here's a 1974 towel with a colorful antique ad printed on it.

Dave Eiffler and Don Burkett

Dan Corker and Bo Trimble

Jon and Joy Vander Schouw had a lot of jars in their room.

Jon Black

Gary Moore had jars, including a couple things that tempted me: a Warner's wood box, and a Royal Peanutene sample jar.  

Ron Ashby and Dick Watson

(l-r) Carla Franks, Jeff Harper, Tom Sproat, Richard Franks -- the Franks had a ton of Ball jar go-withs.

Here's the Midwest Fruit Jar Club's president and show chairman, Dave Rittenhouse.

Jonah Mertz manning the room while Dad (Steve) was out shopping.

John Patterson of Spencer, NC - sorry, John, that it took me so long to add your name here.

As you can tell, the rooms are plenty comfy and spacious, with little fridges and microwaves, and big tvs. Pretty sweet way to sell jars, eh?! Room-hopping, visiting and shopping went on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Super weather kept everyone in good spirits, and allowed us to walk out to the local food joints for dinner. Then back for the ''floating cocktail party''.

We had the upstairs hospitality room, too, where Jerry McCann camped out to schmooze and visit with everyone. He worked hard helping to sell jars for Greg Spurgeon who had his ''Bargain Cave'' jars up there. And Jerry is selling his new book, the updated, expanded and improved Dick Roller Standard Fruit Jar Reference (available here).

Dick Bere, Angela Spurgeon, Jerry McCann

Jerry w/ Margaret Shaw, of the JELLY JAMMERS club (new website: http://www.jellyjammers.com/. The JJ's held their club meeting Saturday morning. Then the Midwest club served a lovely complimentary lunch. There was a long line of happy hungry folks!

(top l-r) Jeff Harper, Russ and Heidi Crupe, Mike Rutledge
(bottom) Mary and Jeff Harper; Pete Peterson

After lunch it was time for the Midwest Club's meeting. Everyone's invited, and the room was packed. We even had an overflow gallery. Everyone introduced themselves, and some shared treasures they had found since last time, and introduced their items into the auction line-up. The fun auction immediately followed the meeting. Then there was lots more visiting, room hopping, dinner groups, until bedtime. Then up early on Sunday morning and off to the show.

Meeting pix:

(l-r) Phil Smith, Dick Bere, Dick Cole, Dave Rittenhouse
Dick Cole told the story of the Penley Product Line of jars that never reached market.
See his show display here - http://www.fruitjar.org/Exhbts112/d8.html

Gary Moore showing a midget pint (from his Sunday show display - pix here ).

Mason Bright

Greg Spurgeon

Chuck Erb

Tom Canniff

Jeff Harper showed an unusual Olympic Mascot jar from his show display of Special Run Ball Jars from El Monte in California.- pix here: http://www.fruitjar.org/Exhbts112/d5.html

Steve Mertz showing his heart-breaking shard of an unknown-in-amber DALBEY'S.

Russ and Heidi Crupe with their massively heavy printing stone with a vintage Ball jars advertisement.

Tom Sproat sharing a very old jar, along with some very new "Kentucky Stemware" that his students made to put in the auction to fund their science programs for young children.

Jeff Klingler shows his Joel Haines embossing variation that was only one known until his turned up.

Bill Burgess

Phil Smith and Bruce Schank

Bruce Schank's show display included a print of his JAR BLING poem, which he wrote and recited at the Saturday meeting. Display pix here: http://www.fruitjar.org/Exhbts112/d1.html 

That's all the pix I snapped. It was such a whirlwind of activity, I know I barely covered it. If anyone wants to email their pix to me, I will gladly post them -- finbotclub@gmail.com

Tom and Jean Harbron shared their photos on the Midwest Club's website:
Thanks again to the Midwest Club for organizing another fun jar event. Check out their website here: http://www.fruitjar.org/

Stay tuned for more Muncie Show talk over on the Ball Jar Collector's website: http://balljarcollectorscommunitycenter.yuku.com/topic/4205/2012-Muncie-January-Show

Read my 2011 January Muncie show report - http://finbotclub.blogspot.com/2011/01/jar-tastic-jars-uary-jar-show-winter.html


The Summer Muncie Fruit Jar event is going to be so much fun. 4 solid days of room hopping and activities -- talks, theme groups, partying, and yummy BBQ cooked up by our favorite chef, Bob Rhineberger. Mark your calendars now - Thursday July 12 thru Saturday July 14, 2012. Or. if you're really a hardcore jar-nut like some folks I know, come on Wednesday and stay thru Sunday!

For your JULY HOTEL ROOMS at the bargain SHOW RATE, contact Mgr. Jeff Bryan @ Signature Inn -- 765-284-4200  -- 3400 N Chadam Ln Muncie IN (hotel website)

For more info about the summer JAR-B-Q, contact:
  • Jerry McCann -- fjar@aol.com -- 773-777-0443
  • Marianne Dow -- finbotclub@gmail.com -- 419-455-1112
I'll post more details about the Summer Jar-B-Q soon. We're looking for volunteers to give a talk or moderate a group or play bartender -- anyone interested?
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