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Monkey Business ~ Newsletter News

Good news. Our email newsletter subscription list has grown to the point where we've decided to go with a professional email newsletter delivery service.

We've chosen MailChimp because they have such a cute name and mascot.

And look at all these great monkeys and bottles advertising images. Who could resist?

Seriously, MailChimp seems to be simple, fits our club's needs, and is free. There are other companies, but I had to pick one. So this is it.

If you have already been getting our email newsletters, you don't have to do anything. Your subscription has automatically been transferred to the new service.

As always, your email address remains private. We will never share or sell our list.

New subscribers need to enter their email address into this Subscription Form here.

Subscriptions are FREE. All you need to do is enter your addy. That's it.

If you receive a newsletter email, and decide to break my heart and unsubscribe, just hit the link in the email.

What's in the newsletters?

The newsletters will be, and have always been, a compilation of the recent blog posts. This saves you having to check the website all the time to see what's been posted. You can still come to the website anytime to read the articles and access the archives.

Newsletters will be weekly, going out at 8am on Saturday mornings  MONTHLY, going out @8am on the first of each month. For those who know me (Marianne), you'll know I am not a morning person, so this is one of the advantages of automating.

Newsletters will have the 5 most recent articles (from the website), upcoming bottle show info, and hobby updates. Occasionally there may be a special edition of the newsletter with info that is not on the website. 

Pass it on! Spread the news!

Please tell your friends to subscribe.

And go ahead and forward the newsletters on, too. It's all about promoting the bottle collecting hobby by sharing info, club and show news, and resource links.

The Write Stuff

  • We're always looking for content. 
  • Send in your show reports, photos, club news, or articles. 
  • We'll credit you, of course, and link to your website.
  • If there's an article written about you somewhere online, send us the link.
  • If you have an article published, send us the link.
  • If it's something published in print, send us the info. Try to send a photo, too. 
  • Please send us jpg photos and html/text content, no pdf's.
  • Links to a hosted pdf are fine.

Just email me if you have any questions --

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