3 flasks = $300, 000 -- wow! Rare Antique Historical Flask Bottles

Via Kovels Reports -- At Norman Heckler's bottle auction last month: 3 rare and desirable American historic flasks, part of the Jared Spencer group, brought amazing prices. The bottles were made by the Pitkin Glass Works of Manchester, Conn., between about 1815 and 1830.
  • The flask (GX-25) with Medallions and Diamond Diapering, medium yellow olive, brought $111,150. 
  • The flask (GX-26) with Beads and Pearls with a Diapering pattern was $78,390. 
  • And the Jared Spencer (GX-24) Medallion above Diamond Diapering was $109,980. 
You can read a great article about Heckler's auction of the Bud Lane antique bottle collection that has lots of pix and info about some other truly rare flasks and bottles.
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