Fruit Jars Rule - Let's Call It JARS-uary! 2009

The winter Muncie Show was so much fun! Read my show report, with links to many articles and pix. It's almost as good as being there. Well, not quite, but there were definitely several good things to read, and they'll make you WISH you were there.

Be sure to read Bruce Schank's article about his Muncie experiences, titled amusingly As the Fruit Jar Turns ... Winter Muncie 2009 -- His pix are fabulous!

The Great BALL Wall of Montana

Larry Munson sent some pix for show'n'tell. He writes:

"... I'm sending pictures of the wall in my jar house that I am working on--it is a little over 11' high. Just finished putting up the big BALL cutout of the BALL MASON jar and the 5 pictures on the left side of it...."
Click the thumbnails to see the BIG picture.

Editor's note: This was originally published on the club's old website. It is now here on the blog for archiving. Even if you read it the first time, I think it's well worth another read. --M.D.

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