Vintage Glass Toy Candy Containers -- Findlay's Old Barn Auction Report

Winking Cat Candy Container Sets Record Price at Auction

The Old Barn Auction house, in Findlay Ohio, recently had one of their regular Candy Container auctions.

The top seller was a rare Winking Cat with original paint, and it sold for $8250.00 -- wow! I'd say the price is because of scarcity, condition, of course, but also because of THEME - it has the candy container and toy factor, as well as the Halloween and Cat cross-over collectibility factor.

The AW article shows several other rare candy containers, with realized prices. You can still see the entire Old Barn Candy Container auction catalog online. As of 7/29/12 the completed prices are still online - cool!

They had several I would love to get some day, to add to my Easter collection. Here's my wish-list pic.

You will find lots of vintage candy containers at our club's bottle show this October!

And if you want to know more about collecting vintage glass candy containers, go to the Candy Containers Collectors of America great website. Lots of pix and info, and even pix of repros so you know what to watch out for. View their great Candy Container Scrapbook to see some really cute candy containers.

And to learn even more, see lots more pix, and track eBay auctions and prices for Candy Containers, be sure to go to Collector's Weekly's Candy Container resource page -- you can also subscribe to their Candy Container newlsetter. Here's an idea of what their page looks like.

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