It's Winter Muncie Time!

We're going to get the New Year off to a quick start, folks. First up is a bottle show in Palmetto FL on Jan 7 & 8 (info here). But for our area, the 1st event of the year is the Winter Muncie Fruit Jar Show. And it is just days away!

The show is on Sunday January 9th. But the action starts days before that. The certifiably-jar-crazy (crazy like a fox?) get to the hotel on Wednesday, followed by the pretty-darn-crazy-jar-nuts on Thursday (count Jeff and me in that group). Then a whole bunch of jar-nuts show up Friday. Some almost-normal people come on Saturday, but we're working on them.

What do we do at the hotel for all that time? Room hop shopping, jar story swapping, wheeling and dealing, dining and drinking, meetings and lectures, tours and adventures, auction action, money extraction, friendships created, patent dates debated, showin' and tellin', buyin' and sellin', even some excited yellin', and most of all, having tons'o'fun!

Come and join in the fun! If you aren't convinced, check out these reports on past winter shows - tons of pix, some videos -- that show how much fun we have, and also how incredible the fruit jars are!

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