FinBotClub Facebook Posts for this Week - 05-21-11

This week's mini-posts on the FinBotClub Facebook page:
(Note: This one wasn't on facebook, but thought I'd share it here.)
Ferdinand Meyer's wonderful site, Peachridge Glass, wrote some really nice things about the FinbotClub's website/blog. Thanks so much, Ferdinand! Right back atcha!
Ferdinand also shared some beautiful bottle still life photos from Martha Stewart Living magazine. Those photographers are good!
Here's one, but see the others on Peachridge Glass. And a lot of other awesome bottle photos.
Findlay Bottle Club and Antique Bottle Collecting ~ shared a link.
Information about rare and collectible glass bottles from a member of the glass bottle mold manufacturing industry. 
Coca Cola collectors will get chance to bid on these items, including this rare Trolley sign.
Wall Photos
‎1914 "Two Girls" Trolley Sign. 11" X 21". Streetcars and Trolleys were popular ...modes of public transportation and Trolley Signs provided a good way to advertise to thirsty riders. As you can see, customers apparently have already begin using the name "Coke" when ordering a "Coca-Cola".See More
Check out new look for website, and their great antique bottles section.
Browse, research, and explore the world of antiques, vintage, memorabilia, and collecting....
The upcoming Mega Glass Convention may also interest antique bottle collectors:
"One of the more specialized glass-collecting clubs in the nation is The Antique Glass Salt and Sugar Shaker Club. Though highly specialized, the AGSSSC will be taking part in the Mega Glass Convention, which will be held July 7-9, 2011. - Antique Trader, a top resource in antiques and collectibles i..."
Note: Fruit jar collectors will all be in Muncie at this time... right?!!!
Butter crocks w/advertising: auction results --
"Did you know the modern, water-submerged butter crock is thought to have first appeared in France in the Middle Ages? Collectors turned out in force April 30, 2011 to buy a collection of more than 500 butter crocks. Learn more facts and see pictures and price of a dozen different crocks!..."
Via Rick's Bottle Room, one of his suggestions for finding bottle dumps:
Metal detecting and treasure hunting stories, tips, reviews, tutorials and popular forum. A great outdoor hobby, see pictures of our finds.
Fruit jar collectors: read the Peachridge Glass article on Flaccus jars.
The fabulous pix make you think you can reach into the screen and grab 'em!
" I received a notice from Greg Spurgeon regarding the latest North American Glass on-line auction of quality bottles & jars that will open on Monday, May 23rd. You can now preview all 231 items at his North American Glass website. ..."
Lisa Hix' fun article on snake oil quackery:
" These days, "snake oil" is synonymous with quackery, the phoniest of phony medicines. A "snake oil salesman" promises you the world, takes y..."

I post these info-tidbits on our facebook page, then gather them together for the blog and newsletter.

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