FinBotClub's Facebook Wrap-Up for 06-03-11 #antiques #bottles


Here's some of the interesting bottle collecting-related things that I came across this week, and posted on the FinBotClub's Facebook page.
Uncle Sam's secret identity is antique bottle collector/author Gerry Treadway (Parkesburg PA). -- Gerry was Uncle Sam in this Memorial Day Parade -

Great vintage ads for American Thermos Bottle Co.
Never knew how many things Owens invented. What a mind. Read Quentin Skrabec's biography -

The first comprehensive biography of the visionary and craftsman who defined the modern glass industry. With nine companies and 49 patents bearing his name, Michael J. Owens is a paradoxically inconspicuous influence on daily life. His invention of the Owens Bottle Machine revolutionized th...
Attn, bottle collectors: It was an Owens machine that made the glass for light bulbs affordable. Read that in one of Findlay's own, Quentin Skrabec's biography of Mr. Owens.
Here's an article on a design blog which discusses antiques packaging, and light bulb history. Great pix of artistic packaging and displays. (from FREE e-newsletter, Daily Heller).

There is something beautiful about light bulbs and the way they were packaged back in the day when incandescent bulbs were new. We take it for granted that bulbs have always been with us and always will...
Nick Carr's smart thought piece on how invention of GLASS changed how we THINK.
As we have seen, one of the rapid developments in glass technology was the making of panes of window glass, plain and coloured, which was particularly noticeable in the northern half of Europe [after the twelfth century]. One very practical effect of this was on working conditions. In the cold and d
He refers us to this book:
 Glass: A World History --  the fascinating story of how glass has revolutionized the way we see ourselves and the world around us.
Marty Weil's interview with Bottle Bill -- Antique Bottle Collector - Interview with Bottle Bill - ephemera
Bottle Bill, 53, is a technical author and a lifetime collector of bottles and pottery. In the following interview, we talk about the era when the packaging also sold the product. ephemera: I've recently become interested in antique bottles after...
NY DIGGER Scott Jordan's book of his findings including #antiques #bottles Past Objects
What NYC's landfills have to do with ivory craftsmanship and existential questions of impermanence...
More for you diggers:
Diggers watch excavation from outside fence, but get to buy #antiques #bottles from workers -
The title says it all... For many years I've heard about people who stand at the chain link fence out front of excavation sites and arrange to buy antique glass bottles from workers who are not so helpless witnesses to history being trucked away to make room for new condominiums. Here I am making 'f
How do you open those #bottles? With #antiques corkscrews, of course!

Poisonous Addiction #antiques #bottles website w/lotsa pix - (via )
Saratoga Show #antiques #Bottles Saturday June 4 @ Ballston Spa High School, NY, 9:30am-3pm
History is always on tap with Director Jan Rutland of The National Bottle Museum in Ballston Spa, NY.
Auction June 25 w/fruit jars --
South Jersey Collector of fruit jars & #antiques #bottles - Auction on-line or in person June 25 @ Eagleswood Fire Hall, 219 Railroad Avenue, West Creek, NJ 08092 Auctioneer website: - online catalog here:
Love how Jeff Wichmann at American Bottle Auctions gets such great press coverage:
FOHBC Nat'l Bottle Show Memphis TN June 25,26 - See the #antiques #bottles auction pix now
Bill Meier is Hosting and Conducting the Online portion of the FOHBC National Auction in Memphis on Saturday, 25 June 2011 at 7:00 pm. The Preview should be available very soon. As soon as I get it, I will post. I must say, there are some really nice bottles that have been co-signed. Check it out.
The making of a 100 lb art glass Planet paperweight - great video, runs on PBS often, and I just have to watch it every time it's on - incredible project.
When the staff at the Corning Museum of Glass realized that their paperweight collection was approaching its 1,000th piece, they wanted to celebrate the occasion with an outstanding piece of artwork. They chose reknowned glass artist Josh Simpson and issued a challenge: Could he create one of his s...
Here's one of the 80 lb art glass Planet paperweight - for sale, only $35,000.00,2354.html

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People of all types have collections of all types, and one of the more unusual local ones is currently on exhibit at the Clarke Historical Museum in Eureka.
More websites about corkscrew collecting:
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