Muncie Jar-B-Q -- Food and Talks Topics Schedule

Jar hunting can work up an appetite, right? 

But there's no need to fight the heat and traffic going out to crowded restaurants.

  • Stay in the hotel, and stay cool, as we'll be enjoying BBQ Bob's delicious food for lunch on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, about noon. 
  • And he'll be fixing supper, too, on Thursday and Friday, about 6pm, with beer, wine, and cocktails at 5pm. 
  • You'll have more time to room hop shop and to visit with you fellow jar freinds, old and new.

We'll be having several fascinating talks on Thursday and Friday. Also, we have meetings and the auction on Saturday.

Here's the schedule, with topics and hosts, with the day, and tentative times. (The days are firm, but the actual times may vary.)

  • Room hop shopping is ON the whole time, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday -- if a door is open, go on in! 
  • Let's say 10am to 10pm, but that's not etched in stone. Many people start earlier, others go later. 
  • And be sure to hang out in the hosputality room upstairs.
  • Complimentary beverages and snacks the whole time, plus lunch, supper, and evening drinks. 
  • And several dealers set up their jars for sale in the hospitality room, too. Including the famous Greg's Bargain Cave, where hundreds of jars go down in price each day, but be careful if you wait too long for that bargain price, someone else might snap 'em up earlier!

Thursday July 12 --

  • 12pm - Lunch
  • 2pm - Jerry McCann will give one of his famous informative talks on the continuing evolution of early 1800's jars, the history, the glass houses, marketing, patents,etc. His talks are always illustrated with some very special jars. 
  • 5pm - Cocktail Party
  • 6pm - Supper

Friday July 13 -- 

  • 10am - Tom Caniff, noted author of Fruit Jar Rambles plans to share some of his paper-labeled jars. As he says, he'll just "pull out some unusual jars, and ramble on about them". 
  • 11am -- Jim Sears will share his fruit jar wrench collection, and ask that people bring their odd wrenches too. Jim says:

I would appreciate other people bringing in previously unreported wrenches.  The "Collectors Manual to Fruit Jar Wrenches and Canning Utensils" and the "Canning Corner" both date to the early 1970's.  In the 40 years since these references were published, collectors have uncovered a lot more devicesthat aided in opening and closing early jars.  Let's see some of them.

  • 12pm - Lunch
  • 2pm - Tom Sproat will be focusing on the marketing of early 1900's fruit jars, with a talk titled "The Paper Trail of Fruit Jars in the Early 20th Century.": A look at the mailing of jar makers to their wholesalers and retailers in 20th Century Midwest United States.
  • 3pm - Joe Coulson's talk is titled  “Ball Standard Jars from Past to Present”. Joe says: I will give an intro to what a wax sealer jar is and then dive into why Ball Brothers started making them late in the game.  The presentation will include: several embossing variations of the Ball Standard jars, as well as a color range; an original mold for the 1982 Russ Simpson Ball Standard retirement jar, and the jar made in the mold; and many examples of the Ball Standard art glass jars and whimseys blown at the special 1998 Wheaton Village event.  Attendees of this talk may wish to bring their best colored Ball Standard jars for display and comparison.
  • 5pm - Cocktail Party
  • 6pm - Supper

Saturday will be fun-filled, too.

  • 9am - The Jelly Jammers Club meets, and everyone is invited to attend. Here's their website -
  • 12pm - BBQ Bob's Lunch.
  • 1:30pm - The Midwest Fruit Jar Club of Muncie will hold their club meeting, also open to everyone. This is a really popular event, a chance to meet everyone, and the Show'n'Tell items that turn up at this meeting are not to be missed. This is also when the items for the auction are presented. 
  • 3pm-ish - The auction follows the meeting. 
  • 5pm-ish - Post-Auction Farewell Cocktail Party 

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