Stainless Steel Castle: Castle's Garage & Haynes Car Dealer ~ Featuring Findlay

Father, Son At Ada Are Navy Enlistees  ADA. Sept. 22 — Feeling the need to do his part in defeating the Axis, Harry Vernon Castle, garage proprietor of Ada, and his son, John Park Castle, Monday joined the U. S. navy.  The father, a former navy mAn, enlisted as an aviation machinist's mate and the son will enter a navy school to learn the same trade. Castle is closing his business in Ada.

Harry Vernon Castle started his garage / Haynes Car dealership in Findlay in 1914. By 1939 he had moved his business to Ada, Ohio, and was now a Nash Car dealership. He closed his garage, and retired from the Ada Town Council in 1942, when he enlisted in the Navy. After the war, he wound up in Houston, but I have no other info.

Harry was born in Lakeview Ohio in 1897; died in Texas in 1960. [Source] - Son John died in 1998 and is buried in Ada, Ohio.

Independence Day 1894 -- Independence from horses, or FOR?

Elwood Haynes test-drove his early internal combustion engine auto on July 4, 1894.  

Elwood P. Haynes (1857-1925) was born in Portland, Indiana.

He invented a number of metal alloys* and is credited with designing the first American-made automobile for volume production.  

Mr. Haynes began his career working in the natural gas industry where he oversaw the construction of the first major gas pipeline in the United States. It ran 150 miles from the Trenton gas field in Eastern Indiana to Chicago, Illinois.

Haynes designed, built and road tested his first car in 1894 in Kokomo, Indiana.

He started a company to manufacture his automobiles in 1896, and by 1902, it was  producing one car a day. The Haynes-Apperson Automobile Company for mass-production of commercial autos was established in Kokomo, Indiana in 1898.

His cars were the first designed to be powered by motor  only. Previous models were, for the most part, converted horse buggies.

He renamed  his company The Haynes Automobile Company in 1905 after discontinuing a relationship with the Apperson brothers with whom he had a partnership with for  the first several years of production.

Haynes' vehicle, called the Pioneer, was  donated to the Smithsonian Institute in 1910 and is on display there.

Haynes Model L,  designed in 1905, was his most popular. He expanded production and, in 1909, was producing almost two cars a day. His cars were complete with a roof, windshield, headlights and a speedometer.

Production increased even further in 1910;  however, in 1911, a fire destroyed the plant. It wasn’t until 1913 that his car company resumed production.

* Haynes invented Stainless Steel flatware in 1912 to give his wife tarnish-free dinnerware.

Haynes sold nearly 6000 cars in 1922 but sales 30 slipped to only 1500 in 1924. Hard times had hit the country and Haynes could not compete with Ford and GM who had sales outlets throughout the United States. [Source][Also]

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