GB Lager: Another Good Beer from Findlay Ohio ~ Featuring Findlay

Let's take a quick look at this G B Lager Beer label that says Brewed & Bottled by Cleveland - Sandusky Brewing Co., Findlay Ohio

GB From Findlay? 

Turns out that GB Lager was only brewed in Findlay from 1963-1966, by the International Breweries Co., which also brewed Findlay's Old Dutch beer. 

Old Dutch was originally from Krantz Brewing, then International took over from 1957-1966.

You'll find tons of GB beer items on ebay, and other sites, but they won't all say Findlay, Ohio. And they're not all from the same ''G B'' company. Other brothers used/use the GB ''Good Beer'' moniker for their brews, like the Grace Bros. and the Griesedieck Bros. 

[Note: As far as any featured eBay items are concerned, neither myself nor the club are recommending the item, the venue or the seller. These are simply for show-and-tell. Enjoy!]

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